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Meet Pete.. who is now a very special part our family!
Everest-aka “Super Pete”-19yr old TB Gelding
Pete originally began he career as a race horse. Over the years he transitioned owners and finally found his place in the hunter ring.  Luckily Pete ended up in Cleveland,  OH with trainer Liz Scoville of ESF Inc. Pete was then purchased by one of Liz’s customers as a Children’s hunter. He was very successful in the Children’s Hunter division showing in AA shows over OH, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York and
Pennsylvania. Pete’s then owner was moving up to the Junior Division and Pete was leased out to me as an Adult Amateur Hunter. Pete and I began a very successful and rewarding career in the Adult Hunter Division. Every horse show that we attended Pete would receive several compliments on how beautiful and elegant he is! It was after several months of our partnership that I had the opportunity to purchase
Pete. We trained under the guidance of Liz Scoville and continued showing at the AA shows. Pete was stabled in OH as a retired horse and loved his new job of
eating grass and playing with his friends. Although with him getting older the winters were getting harder on him. On great fortune I was informed of this fabulous horse farm in VA with tons of green pastures
Chant'e Lamont...Pete's Owner

Radius is a beautiful Dutch Warmblood here at 2 1/2 yr. old in the Netherlands before coming to the USA.

Radius in a very sucessful career




Ben at work


Ben lovin treats

I met Ben when he was a school horse in the October Farm lesson program back in 2007. As soon as I met Ben, there was no turning back; he was the horse that I was meant to be with.  He taught me most of the basic skills as a new rider and eventually I began focusing on dressage.  Within a few weeks of meeting Ben, I began leasing him and within a year owned him (he was BY FAR the best Christmas present surprise I have ever received; I have an amazing husband).

Although Ben was already 18 back in 2008 when he became my very own, very first horse, his age didn’t bother me.  We had a healthy respect for one another and a mutual agreement.  I looked him in the eyes and said “I know what you CAN do, please remember what I CANNOT do”….and we never had an issue. 

We continued working on dressage and just enjoying each other’s company.  Now as Ben was turning 23 every ride was a gift as far as I was concerned. He had had some physical issues and was diagnosed with kissing spines.  With some extra TLC and maintenance, we were able to keep him sound and comfortable to be ridden for an additional year.

But like all good things, time does catch up to us and we have to know when it is time for our faithful companions to be able to relax and just enjoy the freedom from the work routine.  Ben is now 24, and has by far, gone above and beyond, in earning his time to retire….and then some.  Knowing that he devoted his life to being a faithful working companion throughout his career, it was only fair to allow him to be amongst other senior equine friends in lush open pastures.  After a great recommendation of a friend and a few phone conversations later with Owner Debbie, Ben now lives in Five Springs Farm in Rice VA.  It is like I have placed him with family; the care and attention is above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for to see Ben through his remaining years.  He is doted on and loved by a phenomenal family who operates a beautiful retirement farm. 

Although I will remain here in MA, a piece of my soul now lives in VA.




Radius loves his bath


Radius and our granddaughter Mckenley


Meet Penny Lane - aka "Fawn"
Fawn and Pete had become best of friends in the past few years, and we have been blessed to have them come here to our farm and join our family.
In Fawn's life time, she was a very successful show horse for 7 years traveling all over the country. Then spent 6 years being a mom "brood mare" and she raised 4 babies.
Now for the last 10 years she has been retired, and simply enjoys eating grass and being a horse of leisure!

Radius....absolutely beautiful!


Radius "right" and Noah "left" are new BFF's...Radius loves everybody!


One big nose!!


Radius checking out his new stall




Radius and Noah






Willow..as lovely as her name!


Dressage in training

Willow is a ten year old off-the-track beautiful Thoroughbred mare from Massachusetts who has fox hunted, evented, and done dressage. Willow has been with her owner Jayne since 2006. In 2012 Jayne made the decision to retire Willow after she was diagnosed with kissing spine and treatments didn't make a significant improvement. With the well-being and comfort of the horse foremost, Willow will "permanently vacation" at the beautiful Five Springs Farm under the daily care and love of the Mayos.

Willow has been a trusted companion, is smart and very much a horse's horse ~ as she loves being in the company of other equines large and small. She makes friends equally well with cats, dogs, chickens and.... goats. She is independent, can be coy, but welcomes attention and pampering; which she will get a steady supply of here at Five Springs.
Jayne S. "Willow's Mom"


New friends
Fawn & Pete meet Weston & Angel


New friends




Weston posing for Prom


Lover Boy


Weston & Leo




Leo & Weston
Leo & Weston

Angel, Leo & Weston
Angel, Leo & Weston

Angel.....Our.sleepy lazy fat, but cute pony
Leo....So Beautiful


Angel.....Our.sleepy lazy fat, but cute pony


Sarah & Weston in Winter

Sarah & Weston in Winter


Weston & Sarah
Weston & Sarah


Ready to work out


Fox Hunting in Va. on St. Paddy's Day


Pete and I meet!!


Leo and I have the same color hair....LOL


Gorgeous Noah!


Noah showing his new friends that he is a bit bigger than them....lol


The Girls Have Arrived! Meet Finesse...Lady and Grace


And Leo in the back ground is waiting to show them around....lol




Dreamy, Neria and Angel......bath time


Po & Angel are best friends...and of course Angel is happy to share Po's dropped food!


Ahh Horses!!!


Horses on all sides!!


Handsome Po...20 yrs young!


Five Springs Farms

Mike and Debbie Mayo
Rice, VA

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